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Solid Reflections Part 3 of 3

March 29, 2009

A Different Perspective on Metal Gear Solid 4 – Black Waters…

By Saiful Islam

The final portion of the game which really struck a cord with me was the focus of PMCs or private military companies. In the game the increased use of PMCs results in a power shift in military control with countries relying heavily on lawless mercenaries to deliver the fire power for a “quick and effective solution”. What is shocking is the amount of military companies being hired by the imperialist United States of America in Iraq outside the gaming world. According to some reports, the number of contractors operating the Iraq during 2007 was up to 180,000. That’s a huge amount of immune mercenaries operating in civilians territories. Indeed the high profile case of Blackwater whose employees randomly started shooting into a market place killing 17 innocent civilians exemplifies the problems of PMCs.  Because they are not a country, they are not strictly speaking bound by the rules of engagement and codes of war which other countries are.  They are, in fact non-combatants, combatant understood in the meaning given by the Geneva Convention, (Article 43.2, Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Vicitims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), 8 June 1977) for the PMCs are not under a “command responsible”.  In order to be under a “command responsible” the PMC would have to be formally incorporated into the imperialist US Armed forces.

The relationship between the PMCs and the US is a horizontal one, as opposed to a recognised army’s vertical one, thus cementing the notion that PMCs are nothing but de facto modern day mercenary firms. (For definition of mercenaries, see UN General Assembly Resolution 44/34 International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, United Nations General Assembly, 72 plenary, December 4 1989, art. 1 – although the requirements of a mercenary is not met if applied to a PMC, it is argued that a PMC is a logical extension of mercenary enterprises – a more organised, business-glossed mercenary enterprise and thus the Resolution should be amended to include them, particularly when their acts and status under law is taken into account.)

It is ironic that Bush, in order to torture the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, played gymnastics with legal semantics and designated them the status of “enemy-combatant” thus circumventing the Prisoner of War status afforded by the Geneva Convention in order to perpetrate the most vile of crimes in the 21st Century – Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghuraib and all the other secret torture cells around the globe.  The US is in reality utilising non-combatants” itself to its advantage: it provides a get-out notion that the acts of the PMCs would be the responsibility of the PMCs, not the US Army. PMCs which could not care less about the lives of men and the honours of women who are raped daily by them. Yes. Soldiers who are sent to liberate the people of Iraq are raping Muslim women.  After just this one point, who would not hate the imperialist America?

The PMCs are operating in an ultra-jurisdiction, ultra vires fashion, wreaking havoc wherever they may please without the fear of accountability. Because of this legal murkiness other contracting firms have been also been using heavy handedness. The Australian military company Unity Resources for instance were reported to have shot dead two women in a car in Iraq, whilst the children in the back were still in there staring at their mother’s corpses. The sickening reality is that they can do this because the media is censored and steered as and when required. The system is controlled, just like the Patriot system in MGS4. Proof of this is the fact that initially, allegations against Blackwater before the market massacre were nonchalantly ignored and later inquiries into the Blackwater murders were blocked by American officials – points which were hardly given any air time.  Nevertheless the outrage that was sparked in Iraq by the Iraqi people and eventually the world over resulted in the revocation of the immunity which they had and the criminals were tried. The outcome? Damages offered. No apologies.

A war involves bloodshed and violence. It is fought by people representing nations and in its own ideological vacuum, is fighting for a “just cause”. PMCs on the other hand have no purpose except money. They are glorified mercenaries and hired hitmen doing the dirty work of their payor, with nothing to fight for. Thus, they intrinsically have no ethical code to work from or for, reducing war to nothing but a business venture with killing just becoming a chore, or as Old Snake says, “war becomes routine”. An enlisted army soldier operates by the codes of war, rules of engagement and can be court martialed when there is a breach of these codes. Armies are under the scrutiny of the public eye. PMC employees are just that, employees outside the command responsible of the US army.

But who cares? The dead cannot do anything. They are another set of corpses; victims of American Hegemony. For America and her acomplices in her crimes, it is another stage set in the Great Game of expansionism. Which game? MGS4? No. In MGS4 there is a Solid Snake who thwarts the Great Game, giving hope to the avid gamer for a change. We are talking about the real Great Game. Despite the many parallels between the game and reality, the reality is meeker and ventriloquism of global politics all too real.


Israelis fashion T-shirts depicting Gaza killings

March 23, 2009

If there was any doubt that Israel genuinely wanted peace in the region, then let it be cleared now.

With attitudes like this, rooted in the vile hatred of Muslims advocated by the likes of Ariel Sharon and his accomplices, the real reason behind the Gaza massacre, and all other massacres for that matter come to the fore.


Solid Reflections Part 2 of 3

March 21, 2009

A Different Perspective on Metal Gear Solid 4

By Saiful Islam

“War… has changed…”
Old Snake

Another similarity is that pertaining to information control.  In the game, the Patriots, through the manipulation of digital media could essentially control global politics.  It’s common banter these days that the general American public, indeed the general Western public is herd-like in their mentality and in particular, following the Rupert Murdoch media spewings.  True, not all are in a state of psychosis, as those who think out of the box do speak albeit in their minorities.

The effect of Mr Murdoch’s mind control machinery extends through every major media outlet, and those who do not conform to the standards of the US in terms of information reporting and dissemination are bullied into submission, which is precisely what happened to Al-Jazeera news station during invasion of Iraq (See here and here).  The typical hypocrisy was demonstrated when the criminal entity known as Israel attacked Press TV news stations in Gaza in order to intimidate them.

The brainwashing is targeted at every level through the media. At the lower end of the spectrum we have the Daily Mail/Sun newspaper for the labourer who needs his daily fix of page 3 but at the same times tries to act that he knows a thing or two about his surroundings by reading the hate-filled “articles”.  This was the same Sun newspaper which got away with having the headline “Bastard Bin Laden” on its front page.  Fair enough, you are trying to create hate against the man (and of course it follows against Muslims as well regardless of how much they try to show that not all Muslims are the same as Mr Laden), but observe some, what Muslims call, “Adab” or manners.  Imagine the Muslim News newspaper printing a picture of Bush’s face with “Bastard Bush/Blair/Brown” et al? Imagine the uproar.

This is but another example of the great Western hypocrisy. It is like the interview with Anjem Choudhry by the presenter of GMTV.  The members of the al-Mahajiroun group demonstrated against the British “war-heroes” returning from their invasion of Muslim land.  The placards being held were of controversial nature, calling the soldiers killers etc. not indifferent to how the American public treated their soldiers when returning from Vietnam.  Perhaps less harsh.  However, the presenter desperately clutched at straws in her efforts to corner him and defend the neo-conservative policy.  She eventually asked the million-dollar question: did you not think of the impact of your provocative actions?  Hmm… did not Jack straw think of his provocative statement concerning the Niqab, and the impact it would have?  The reality is no real impact was seen by the actions of al-Mahjiroun.  However, reports indicated towards an increased level of hate-crimes against women in Niqab after Jack Straw made his notorious comments.  Yet no news presenter questioned Jack Straw about his ammunition-for-the-haters comment.

Then you have the Sun dressed in drag for the slightly upper crust crusader – the Times. And the fact that it’s targeted higher up in the food chain is evident in its slightly more sophisticated aims.  It constantly perpetrates divisions between Muslims, attacking particular groups while exonerating others.  This classic British-esque policy of divide and conquer is wreaking havoc amongst fools who waste time on fine points of aqeedah and in order to get one up on the other group use even the tools of the enemies to vilify them.  However their age-old tactics have little effect on those individuals who can see through such petty schemes.  Of course their tactics are not merely divisional but also reformational.  By giving lime light to extremely discredited “enlightened reformationists” such as Ed Husain and his ilk, Times et al have utilise a multilayered approach to destroying Islam from within. Foolish are they who seek the impossible.

Of course you have others as well such as Sky News and BBC joining the parties of those who covertly condemn fundamental Muslim practise or legitimate criticism of Western hegemony and subtly postulate protective stances for those who actively preach hate or support divisionary tendencies targeting Islam.  They use clandestine techniques such as ending the report on something negative about Muslims or Islam. Or they’ll report an Israeli sniping a child but will somehow end on how Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israel thereby lending the reader some form of legitimacy to the crime perpetrated by the virulent Israeli Defence Farce.

In conclusion of this point, the media machine is part and parcel of the war against destabilising the legitimate resistors of the Imperialism of the United States of America and the nations in cahoots with her.  He who controls the media, controls the global politics.  And as Old Snake says,

“He who controls the battlefield, controls history…”


Solid Reflections Part 1 of 3

March 18, 2009

A Different Perspective on Metal Gear Solid 4

By Saiful Islam

I was playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and what a game! The gameplay, graphics and the plot was amazing… but what further amazed me was it’s relevance to global politics today.  The tale of the “legendary” Solid Snake begins as a clone of the “legendary” Naked Snake, a character whose physical ability and fighting prowess lead him to attain the coveted title of “Big Boss”.  This Solid Snake then proceeds to carry out the tasks thinking himself to be fighting the cause of justice whereas in reality is merely playing in the hands of the ventriloquists.

What interested me more than anything was the imperialist tendencies of the antagonist artificial entity known as the Patriots, an organisation puppeteering the wars and politics of the Globe through advanced manipulation of information in previous instalments of the game and in MGS4 through manipulation of individual soldiers via nanotechnology granting the Patriots the ultimate level of battlefield control.  The game also introduced the problem of “PMCs” or private military companies and their growth in use in war zones. Indeed the supposed enemy in the game who in reality wishes to topple the totalitarian regime and free the world of such Orwellianism, is a very powerful PMC which operates beyond borders or boundaries and therefore beyond jurisdictions.

The imperialist United States of America seems to be the “Patriot” of the world today, advancing its’ version of right and wrong upon the populaces around the world through media control and wars in places which are resource rich and possibly where the only real resistance can arise from.  However where the Patriots and the imperialist United States of America differ is that the Patriots were initially incepted to rid the world of wars and preserve justice and relations between countries, rather like the League of Nations and the accompanying Court of First Instance back in 1917, the Imperialist United States of America is built upon blood shed, violence and ethnic cleansing; they are migrant European bandits who have and still are spreading their tentacles of hypocrisy and genocidal mania across the globe.

The following paragraph from the famous international human rights lawyer, Francis Boyle, describes clearly the state of American hegemony:

“The fledgling United States of America opened the 19th Century by stealing the continent in North America from the American Indians, while in the process ethnically cleansing them, and finally deporting the few pitiful survivors by means of death marches a la Bataan to Banstustans (a.k.a. reservations) as a first instance of Americans self-styled “manifest destiny”.  The imperial government of the United States of America opened the 20th Century by stealing a colonial empire from Spain (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, Phillipines), then inflicting a near genocidal war against the Filipino people, while at the same time purporting to annex the former Kingdom of Hawaii while subjecting the Native Hawaiian people (the Kanaka Maoli) to genocidal conditions – all in the name of securing America’s “place in the sun”… For the past 215 years the imperialist foreign policy of the United States of America has been predicated upon racism, aggression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and slavery.  At the dawn of the third millennium of humankind’s parlous existence nothing has changed about the imperialist operational dynamics of American foreign policy.” (Francis Boyle, Destroying World Order (2004) (Clarity Press Inc.:Atlanta) p11)


Black Turbans, AKs, High Tech Weapons and a Whole Load of Bull

March 10, 2009

Saiful Islam

They were warned… don’t push the pathans… but no, they did not listen.  Having my lineage stretching back to the Afghans and knowing a lot of pathan families, I know our temperament.  We’ll be courteous, kind to our guests, we will even tolerate a bit of abuse to a certain extent. You befriend us and we will be willing to lay our lives down for you.  But you overstep the mark, then buddy, well you made a big mistake. The same mistake the British made.  The same mistake the Russians made, the same mistake the US has and is continuing to make in Afghanistan along with the coalition forces from all over the big rotating globe.  Something which even the BBC with all its biased reporting, has had to admit.

According to one of Rupert’s media mind maskers, Obama has reportedly thrown in the towel:

“America is not winning the Afghanistan war and should reach out to the Taliban to curb the rising bloodshed, President Obama said yesterday.”

You see when you learn that as a child, a pathan is beaten at home for getting beaten up outside, you understand that you are not dealing with your average human being here.  Fighting is in built and engraved. And why wouldn’t it be, when the world’s imperialist armies have tried to take a stab at it with all but Mirza Aurangzeb Rahimahullah from the Mughals failing.

But still, America, despite all its high tech weaponry, its Shield defense systems, it’s macho “I’M THE WORLD’S CHIEF – OBEY OR PERISH” attitude, they are getting a pretty solid whipping from the men in the black turbans, equipped with mere AK47s and Toyota pickup trucks as their trusty steeds of war.

Reminds me of the mushrikeen (polytheists) who faced the Muslims at the battle of Badr, in fact it reminds me of most of the battles the Sahabah Radhialla’anhum fought.  It’s a classical affair.  Muslims: ill-quipped, under manned, massively outnumbered, odds stacked HIGH against them, bustling with Iman and wanting to meet their Lord.  Byzantines/Romans/Persians/Mushrikeen: High tech, “superpower status” and massive armies, fearful of the Muslims.  Result – the “stronger” side utter annihilated…

Another Vietnam for America?  Dunno.  Another humiliation for the purported most technologically advanced country in the world?  We all know, but let BBC eventually report it.  It’s more satisfying to hear the reality that way.

HOWEVER you see there is a twist in this.  And there always is a twist in imperialists stratagems.  Now let me begin elaborating upon this twist with a question.  When was the last time you saw the word “Taliban” and “moderate” all in the same line?”  Perhaps on a cold day in hell.  But here here, what have we got here? Could it start snowing in the Hades?

“The U.S. leader hopes to win over moderate Taliban insurgents disturbed by soaring Al Qaeda-backed violence.”

Taliban? Moderate?! Daily Mail calling the Taliban moderate?  Do you smell anything? Do smell bull excrement?

Speaking of bull there is an Arabic proverb.  There were three bulls. Once a lion passed by and convinced the bulls that he was not going to eat them but was their friend.  After a couple of days analysing differences, he cornered two of them and said to them, “you know, I don’t like that bull.” The other two bulls agreed and backbit the other bull.  The lion then made the killer move.  He said to the two bulls “you know I’m really hungry, but I like you two so I don’t want to harm you, you are my friends.  Just turn away and I’ll get rid of him.  The bulls agreed and so the third bull was devoured.  A week or so later, the lion cornered the second bull.  Highlighting the other bulls negatives, he convinced him of his friendship and devoured the first bull.  Then there remained only one. The lion turned his crushing head towards the last remaining bull.  He said “you made a mistake when you agreed to have the second bull killed.”  The bull replied, “No, the mistake was made the moment I accepted your ‘friendship’”.

So what does all this bull got to do with Obama’s whimperish statement?  Well let’s be straight about this.  If you were smoking weed, on a constant high and believed the CNN to be the gospel then the terrorists who did 9/11 were some simple, starving but solidly built Afghans or was it the Iraqis?  No wait it was some Saudi weren’t it? Dam these Americans are so confusing.  Anyway al-Qaeda is also a purportedly extremist entity.  But al-Qaeda is now assisting the Taliban in their fight for freedom. There are differences of race of course.  But the common goal of freeing the shackles being placed on Islam, unites them, just as the common goal of imperialism or Zionism unites the US/Israel and their minions.  It is fact that America cant handle the Muslims of Afghan, something which history, and even Rambo’s Colonel in Rambo 3 boldly informs the Russian general when he gets caught:

“There won’t be a victory, everyday your war machines loose ground to a bunch of poorly armed, poorly equipped freedom fighters (presently terrorist status – status being upgraded to “moderates”).  The fact is that you underestimated your competition.  If you’d studied your history you’d know that these people have never given up to anyone.  They’d rather die then be slaves to an invading army…

Enlightening words; perhaps Bush should have watched Rambo 3 before going to war…  Neverthtless there is a predicament.  What shall we, the superpower of the world humiliated by a bunch of AK wielding Muslims, do?  Well it’s simple.  Divide and conquer.  Do what the British did in India, in the Arab lands, in fact in all the Muslims lands.  Exploit minor differences.  Finance one to fight the other.  And America/Britain et al have a sterling history of support of militias and rebels from Nicaragua all the way to the Haram Sharif.  By using the labelling tactic, we can nicely slice the two “groups” in half and deal with one of them.  Overpower them and then sort out the Taliban. Plain and simple.  None of the rhetoric from sir Obama will change the fact that they attacked Afghanistan to oust its government – the Taliban.  But now that the sheesha has hit the fan, the Taliban have all of sudden become moderate.

The West. Ceases to amaze me.  As someone who I can’t remember once said, “half of politics is a complete and utter lie; the other half was a conveniently constructed lie.”  And I will add “and America’s policy advisers are dumb”. Now I know that doesn’t sound “intellectual” or cool but I don’t care, who exactly are they fooling?

The Muslim Afghans also cease to amaze me. Be they the extremists or the moderates, they will always remain undefeated and and unbowing, steadfast upon their Deen. When the Persians cacked themselves when the Muslim army was knocking on their doorsteps, the Persian Yazdgird Emperor asked the Chinese emperor for assistance. And what did Mr Intelligent Chinese Emperor do? He refused to cooperate stating:

If they had to come up against a mountain, they would certainly shatter it“.


Biceps, Triceps and Dhikr (some random masair: “You what?!”) Part 2 of 2

March 6, 2009

By Saiful Islam

Let’s take this a step further. Imagine now that you have not only stopped training but you have also started eating unhealthily.  You’re eating all the mayo, all the donner kebabs (hopefully without the pork!) and you don’t eat the healthy stuff nor hardly drink any kidney cleansing water.  You sit and watch footy all day and become a couch kebab.  What you are effectively now doing is deliberately harming the body and preparing your body for a wave of diabetes/blood pressure/heart diseases.  In other words you have made yourself ill and unfit.

The same can be applied spiritually.  If you constantly sin all day, chill and talk unnecessarily with the opposite sex, swear every so often, watch things you shouldn’t be watching then well, your seriously damaging the heart and its remembrance towards Allah Almighty.  The great Faqih from the Sahabah Radhialla’anhum, Abdullah ibn Mas’ood Radhialla’anhu compared the effects of good deeds and evil deeds on the outward and inner of man (okay okay, and woman, for those feminist “we want urinals”  types).  He says: “A good deed has a light in the heart, a splendour on the face, strength to the body, expansion in sustenance, and love in the hearts of the creation. While an evil deed is darkness in the heart, ugliness on the face, weakness in the body, decreases sustenance and hatred in the hearts of the creation.”(Ibn Hajar, Tahdhib at Tahdhib, vol. 11, p.129 as quoted in Imam Harith al-Muhasibi, Risalah al-Mustarshideen, Researched and explained by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah RA, p.292)

The great classical Hambali scholar Ibn Qayyim Rahimahullah has spoken about the heart and the positive and negative effects it can be subjected to in great length.  I reproduce here a portion of the gems that he shares:

“Sins are actually injuries.  At times, injuries cause death. A person has not been beaten by a punishment that is more sever than hard-heartedness and being distanced from Allah Subhanhuwata’ala.  The heart that is furthest away from Allah Subhanhuwata’ala is the heart that is hard. When the hard becomes hard, the eyes become dry.” (Ibn Qayyim, Al-Fawaid, as quoted in the commentary of Imam Harith al-Muhasibi, Risalah al-Mustarshideen, Researched and explained by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah Rahimahulla, p.293)

There are many famous examples of the famous Mujtahid Imams understanding and reacting to sins.  When the great intellectual, jurist, muhaddith and ascetic Imam Abu Hanifa Rahimahulla was unable to arrive at satisfactory answer to a mas’ala, he would read two Rak’ah Salah and do Istighfar, just in case he had sinned and Allah Subhanhuwata’ala had taken away his knowledge as a result.  The incident of Imam Waki’ al-Kufi and Imam Shafi’i is also well known.

In fact there is much that can be written on the effects of sinning that I may do a special post on this topic because a sin these days is taken too lightly.

But for now, in conclusion, stop sinning people and start training, both internally and externally!


Saiful Islam


Biceps, Triceps and Dhikr (some random masair: “You what?!”) Part 1 of 2

March 3, 2009

By Saiful Islam

Go down any ghetto gym in Sparkhill or Alum Rock for example, and ask anyone there what they are working on and they will answer “biceps and triceps inni bro”.  Come on guys, other muscle groups exist as well “inni bro”!  Having recently started back up training I recently noticed something a little more deeper.

You see I have been out of regular, consistent, solid training for approximately 3 years.  Now that’s a seriously long time.  Although what prompted me to get back into training was my coughspluttercoughwifecoughsplutter, I did feel the need to get back into training.  Why? Because I was feeling more fatigued more often, I was finding it difficult to sleep at night and well, I just didn’t feel “right”.

So a month and half down the line, I now feel and understand the repercussions of not training.  During my training I could feel my body struggling, my heart pounding and I was getting those nasty blackouts that nearly knock you out. What a drain!  Now that I’m reconnected with regular training, I feel so much better, so much fresher.

And it is now after reaching this state a striking home-truth hit home.  You see, how many of us actually genuinely do Dhikr to the state where we feel alive?  Spiritually our souls are dead because in reality they do not possess that special connection with Allah Almighty.  A brother once told me that if I was to taste the sweetness of Iman as a result of constant remembrance of Allah, I would come to the conclusion that there is no pleasure more pleasurable then that feeling, and no sensation more sensational then what is experienced.

Remembrance of Allah is like training the physical body.  You stop, and your body will begin to dystrophically regress. Your stamina to endure will decrease. Lack of flexibility training will result in heightened perception of pain.  Similarly, lack of remembrance, lack of Salah, lack of recitation of the Words of Allah will result in a fatigued and empty soul.  Your “stamina” to endure the struggles of life will decrease.  It’s amazing to note the high suicide rates in the materialistic West where money is seen as the gateway to happiness but in reality it is the richest who require counselling because they are searching for contentment but are unable to find it in the clubbing, wining, dining and drugs that they have been pushing; a norm amongst celebrities and their ilk.

An inflexibility to adapt to situations due to the lack of the reliance on Allah and His worship will become apparent and as a result so emotions will increase.  How many times have you see people snapping over little things?  Then you tell the bro, let’s go and pray in the masjid.  Once the said bro has prayed all of sudden they are back to ground zero and cool as a cucumber.  The parallel between the physical condition and the spiritual is frankly quite amazing.

The Prophet of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wassalam in fact mentions this in a beautiful Hadith, “Verily, there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good, the whole body is good and if it is corrupted the whole body is corrupted; lo! It is the heart.”