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The “Moral Army”

April 15, 2009

By Saiful Islam

Once upon a time there was a happy village. The people were courteous, inviting and serving guests who were their relatives as well as visitors from outside the village. However, those who were visitors began to claim their right to the homes of the people of this village. So off these visitors go, entering into people’s homes, and forcefully obtaining possession from them.

These visitors who had no claim to the village became invaders of this peaceful village. In order to expand their territories, the villagers were expelled, their homes annihilated and even their means to eat severely restricted. Noting the resistance of the villagers, the invaders then systematically began targeting the young, with snipers intentionally sniping young children and babies. Women were also fired upon in a cowardice fashion. History and heritage was removed from the Syllabi of the schools so that the children of these villagers would forget the abomination which occurred against their forefathers thus removing future possibilities of legitimate resistance, on an intellectual as well as on a military plane. Food and medical supplies were blockaded, the villagers locked in a city wide dungeon, reducing the eating of the poor children to that of sheep.

The ethnic cleansing continued culminating in the “Shoa” or genocide (a term used for systemic destruction of a particular race) whereupon weapons of the invaders, supplied by their allies, were used to kill over fourteen hundred people, more then half being women and children. Any resistance by these villagers was used as a means to point a finger and justify a populace-for-an-eye response. Even the weapons which were used were of a sadistic nature, leading international doctors to suggest that the village was being used like a weapons test lab. Surrounding villagers with some sense of morality try to passively assist, but all means are blocked.

Now imagine this to be your village. I would like to ask you, what would you think of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes? Would you regard them as lets say, moral?

You see if you replace the word “village” with “Palestine” and “visitors/invaders” with “Israelis” in the above “tale” , you have a very real picture of the reality of what is happening in the “Holy Lands”. Now, having understood and comprehended the reality of the matter, it would require a man completely devoid of morality to call the perpetrators of such acts as moral. But you see such crimes would not be perpetrated if such psychotics with distorted perceptions did not exist. And indeed, they do exist. And one of those just so happens to be the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak who rather nonchalantly stated after admitting abuses in Gaza had taken place:

“I still say we have the most moral army in the world”


For those who despite the above acts of “morality” being highlighted to them still have doubt about the heinousness of the Israeli army, this is the same army who, according to testimonies published by the military academy at Oranim College, 1) sniped a mother and her child at close range, 2) killed in “cold-blooded murder” a Palestinian woman, 3) killed another woman and her two children after they misunderstood instructions about which way to walk, 4) again killed another woman, this time elderly and clearly not a threat, 5) unnecessarily destroyed Palestinian property. And according to well known reports the IDF 6) bombed UN schools 7) bombed UN aid trucks  8 ) occupied, destroyed and grafitied the houses of Palestinians with statements of a racist and sadistic nature and 9) killed over 1,400 civilians, more then half being women and children. I love the way the Western media portrays figures. “1400 killed but only around half were women and children” as if there is no harm in killing men.

This is a moral army?  Wait, there is more.  This is the same “moral army” which was printing t-shirts depicting, inter alia, pregnant Palestinian women with a target on their wombs.  This is the same “moral army” which  were told in their briefing to carry out “Shitting in houses” which resulted in many of the houses which they took over being left in filthy conditions. It is the same “moral army” which used an 11 year old boy as a human shield during the Gaza massacre.  It is the same moral army whose chief military rabbi told them to “show no mercy” to the Palestinians.  Very moral indeed.

Morality, the natural fibril instinct of man, distorted to the maximum as a result of desire to devour nations and resources for power and yet more power to in turn flex muscles to the oppressed and thus instill fear in them.

Morality: notable in the Israeli army only for its absence.