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Eid Mubarak!!! A Poem on a Joyous Occasion

September 20, 2009

Assalamu Alaykum and


SubhanAllah, such a beautiful feeling is reverberating throughout the Muslim community, and what’s more everyone is doing it on the same day! Masha’Allah, may Allah (SWT) increase the unity in the Ummah. Ameen.

Enjoy Eid, but don’t unshackle yourselves from Islam, which in laymens terms means, don’t go Alum Rock Road with Pakistani flags, blasting out the B-boxes in your tight t-shirts showing your non-existent guns… and sisters, please, Hayah… yes on this day as well!

A poem I knocked up… hope you enjoy it.



Saiful Islam

Its EID!!!

Its a joyous occasion people! Its EID!!!
Celebrate it! It’s part of our creed!

But don’t revert back to ignorance
After light which you attained
For what worth will be Ramdhan
If your pious actions wane?

Do eat the wonderful flavours and foods,
Till our hearts (or stomach’s!?!) contentment
But remember “whoever eats to their fill in this world
will starve on the Day of Judgment…”

Take your time out and visit your friends,
This will increase the brotherly love and peace
But do not waste time in loitering around
For Ramadhan is over and Shaytan has been released!

Love one another and enjoy your familial ties,
As this is what the Prophet
Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam maintained.
But do not forget our Ummah ,
Under oppression they are detained

And with all this said and done,
It’s that time of the year, time for some fun!
Its a joyous occassion people! Its EID!!!
Celebrate it! It’s part of our creed!


The Solution to Racism according to Malcolm X

September 19, 2009

EDL, BNP, and now even Obama is suffering the unrelenting brunt of racism.  So what is the solution to this problem?

Without further delay… Malcolm X:


Some thoughts on the EDL and their Racist Actions

September 15, 2009

By CoolnessofHind

Riots. Racism. Ridiculous. When I was at school I was told that racism was an evil thing and that it was “intolerable”.  At college a student was expelled for calling his fellow student a “nigger”.  When I hit university, my International Human Rights lecturer told me that the rights of minorities was embedded in international legal instruments and that it was of paramount importance; on par with basic human rights despite the problem of addressing rights to a “people” as opposed to an individual.  The ineffective international legislation is fickle and of course unenforceable most of the time.  But the notion that subjugation or targeting of a group of people was unacceptable was definitely postulated.  Perhaps it only exists in the higher thoughts of man; and clearly not in the empty skulls of the Sun-reading, racist white supremacists. So why is there no outrage being expressed by the vile action and language being used by EDL.  Watch any Youtube video on the riots, and all you can hear them say is “f***n Pakis, go ‘owm” – dude you can’t speak English properly… what “English” are you defending? Perhaps members of the EDL need to go back to the ELC (Early Learning Centre) or enrol on an ESOL course…

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The Battle of Badr has begun: Allahu Akbar‏!

September 7, 2009

By Imran Rehmi

At approximately 5.00 am this morning 1428 years ago the Battle of Badr took place, Allahu Akbar‏!

And to remember this mercy on mankind listen to this:

And some footage of the field:

Behind the well is where Rasool Allah Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam camped.


Rupert Murdoch Cooed in the Zionist Cradle

September 2, 2009

By Saiful Islam

Rupert Murdoch. I have mentioned him in other posts in the past. The man owns and of course directs much of the Western media and indeed elsewhere around the globe.  The same media which is accomplice to the increase in the Hijab tearing, racist jibing hate crimes, responsible for the creation of the evil entity known as the “Islamist” (no doubt assisted by the cogs of the machinery – Ed Husain et al) and the spread of xenophobia.  And al-Qaeda.  You know the same al-Qaeda that no one, perhaps even Osama bin Laden himself, had heard of before 9/11 and is now this supranational entity hell-bent on bringing the Western values to it’s knees via military level precision plots to blow up shoes.

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