Govt. Funded Islamic Organisations and the Sufi Connection (Part 1 of 2)

March 22, 2010

By CoolnessofHind

Two points:

1. The more perceptive amongst the Muslims may have noticed the distinct rise in government-funded organisations which promote music, free-mixing, hip-hop and dancing.  Within these events “debates” about identity, extremism etc. are conducted with an often biased chair-person coming to an apologetic conclusion.

2. It is interesting to note that nearly all if not all of the government funded “Islamic” organisations utilise and promote Sufi scholars.

These two points are interconnected.  With regards to the first point, often blatantly impermissible actions are often perpetrated at these events.  So how do these organisations deceive the masses into believing that the Haram, or doubtful is Halal and perfectly fine?  There are numerous mechanisms employed.  The first is that of confusion, and this has been dealt with previously in another article on a different but connected topic. Simply, it is to repeatedly rehash and reiterate the over-boiled claim that there is mass-confusion on a “controversial” topic; say for example, music.  The impermissibility of it is not clear-cut, it is claimed.  These set of premises are inherently flawed given that in most cases there is no mass-confusion and a huge difference of opinion.  However, it somehow automatically, without substantive proof, spontaneously and clandestinely becomes permissible.  The permissibility is demonstrated by having performances which are tantamount to acceptance of the act.  The two opposing opinions are not reconciled in anyway, and the unwary become content in the knowledge that “it’s not clear-cut”.  And so upon the slippery slope the unwary head towards ever-greater laxity in the Deen and therefore sin.

The second way is connected to the second point.  Sufis.  Now the readership is encouraged to understand that this is by no way an attack upon Tassawuf or the scholars of Tassawuf.  By utilising “mainstream” scholars – a term divisive by its very nature – these organisations seek to gain currency of the uniformed Muslim youth.  Once the youths have been attracted towards big-named Middle-Eastern scholars, then the process of dismantling Islam can begin.

As a side note, there is an Usooli (Fiqh principle) issue of scholars of foreign lands giving advice to Muslims of another land.  Neither do such scholars understand the delicate and dirty politics of this country affecting the Muslims and neither to they entirely know of the general Muslim atmosphere.  It is rather oxymoronic for a Middle-Eastern or American-born scholar to tell the British, how to be British, for instance.  The scholars of this country are the scholars to guide the Muslims of this country.  Of course, this excludes general guidance on observance of obligatory acts, Ibadah, purification and the like.

Moving on, before the above is dismissed as some conspiracy theory, it must be understood that the above neatly fits in the Western-backed right-winged agenda to destroy Islam from within.  The now infamous RAND corporation policy document, authored by Cheryl Benard blueprints the breaking down of Islam into a shapeless gas divorced from the Classical understanding of the Sahabah, Tabi’een, atba-Tabi’een and the righteous Ulama (May Allah be pleased with them all) and ready to fit the agenda of those who seek to eliminate any resistance to their cruel, selfish agendas.

This document, which has been circulated widely amongst Western governments, categorises Muslims and encourages placing them against each other in order to combat any person or group which supports the proper adherence to Islam.  Benard advises the governments to support secularist and modernists, i.e. those groups who according to Benard, would seek to “radically change” even those most basic of tenets of Islam or anything which is problematic in today’s society. That of course would be most of Islam.  However the key part is how Bernad specifically mentions the Sufis:

“Sufis are not a ready match for any of the categories, but we will here include them in modernism. Sufism represents an open, intellectual interpretation of Islam…. Through its poetry, music, and philosophy, Sufism has a strong bridge role outside of religious affiliations.” (p.62)

In other words Sufis, due to their widely publicised, but erroneously understood affiliation with all things appealing to the nafs, are a gateway to modernist thinking and a key ally in the ideological war against Islam.  To jump-start the modernisation process, she states (p.63),

“Support the modernists first, enhancing their vision of Islam over that of the traditionalists by providing them with a broad platform to articulate and disseminate their views. They, not the traditionalists, should be cultivated and publicly presented as the face of contemporary Islam.”

After mentioning the secularists as the second and third support levels, she writes the following:

“Back the traditionalists enough to keep them viable against the fundamentalists (if and wherever those are our choices) and to prevent a closer alliance between these two groups. Within the traditionalists, we should selectively encourage those who are the relatively better match for modern civil society. For example, some Islamic law schools are far more amenable to our view of justice and human rights than are others.”

So in other words, back those people who fit the world-view of those who are completely divorced from Islam.  And within these groups, sit the Sufis.


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