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Facebook Fiasco – Where are the Responses by the Gov.-Backed “Muslim” Organisations?

May 25, 2010

By CoolnessofHind

With the facebook pages dedicated to drawing the blessed Prophet Sall-Allahu   alayhi wa sallam stirring the emotions and testing the patience of the Muslims around the globe to the final nerve, it is most intriguing to analyse the reactions of those stooges, chumps, sell-outs and traitors who are slavishly dedicated to stamping out the Western government instigated “extremism”.

Quite a few of the organisations funded by the government, such as the music-pumping Radical Middleway (RMW) and Campusalam have no comment or press statement on the issue.  Which is interesting because RMW for instance is known to bring down Ulama linked to the blood of the Prophet Sall-Allahu   alayhi wa sallam – surely out of some respect they should issue a statement of condemnation of the facebook fiasco.  Perhaps RMW will have another event called “from protest to engagement” and cap- off the event with a round of sisters singing and dances on stage with fellow male “nasheed artists”.  RMW have been “engaging” for many years; it does not seem to be a very effective method especially if one considers the hostile behaviour of non-Muslims towards Islam and Muslims.  Campusalam will probably release something, perhaps along the lines of “this has happened, it is terrible, but should we really shut our facebook accounts…” and then lead into a “controversial” discussion in the name of enlightened debate whether they should or shouldn’t, or maybe they’ll have another Comedislam event to show we aren’t extremists or terrorists but are happy-clappy Muslims… From personal experience, the same goes for Hear My Voice and all the other connected chump organisations.

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Malcolm X – Ballot or the Bullet – Political and Economic Maturity for the Benefit of the Community

May 5, 2010

By Saiful Islam

It is election time. And there is a desperate need for political and economic maturity in our own communities. A political awareness of the trappings of the Government MPs who share only perhaps the skin colour and then type of name with Muslims but eat the resources which could provide benefit to the local communities, is needed.

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