British Documentaries, Neocon Discrepancies (Part 1) – Exposing the Deception of John Ware

November 26, 2010

By CoolnessofHind

The Neocons are back in overt action with the incredibly biased and deceptive Panaroma “investigation” into Muslim schools and the purported segregation of Muslims. The typically sensationalised documentary smacked of the neocons behaviour and the dynamic push for reformation under the Prevent Agenda during the labour era.

Same Clique, Same Tactics

The formula in the documentary was the same as it has always been; rely on biased reports and “think-tanks”, attack Deobandis and Salafis (neatly side-stepping Barelwis, as if they do not believe in the narrations and Hudood mentioned in the “documentary”), make the minority opinions the mainstream and thus pave the way for an Islam which is to the liking of the neo-Crusaders parading under pathetic guise of exposers of the “threats” to British values.

Infamous instruments of the above spin machinery were present in the documentary, John Ware, Usama Hassan (a Quilliamite if I ever saw one), Michael Gove (a neoconservative and former chairman of Policy Exchange), Policy Exchange representatives (a right-wing, lying and anti-Islamic “think-tank”) and the “undercover” “moderate Muslim”. The only guns missing were the “million-taxpayer-pounds” Maj Nawaz and Ed Husain of the Quilliam fraternity. Same clique, same tactics.

The single-mindedness of the attack on Muslims and their schools was shocking. Ware skirted over the issue of the Evangelical Church School which openly condemned Islam. This is no minor issue yet it was trivialised into one. Likewise there were “enclosed” Jewish schools too which were lightly mentioned, again, not really twitching the Neocon radar. But mention Muslim schools – Neocon barometer is off the radar!

Muslim Segregation?

Discrimination. That is exactly what this. Ware is clearly discriminating against Muslims. Integration and social inclusion are topics which are loved by the arm-chair intellectuals but rarely is the real, grass-roots image portrayed. The dynamics of Muslim communities are like the dynamics of Jewish communities in Edgbaston and like the Sikh and Hindu communities in Soho and Handsworth. In other words people tend towards people who are similar to themselves. There is nothing criminal or radical in this trend and is seen the world over, from New York to Jakarta.

If there is a social exclusion, one needs to ask the reasons why this is the case. As a young Muslim, born and bred in the UK, I have first hand experience of the levels of “inclusiveness” and “integration” white Christians and Jews have towards Muslims. When I was at school I was shunned by the majority white classmates; a teacher even called me a Taliban Mullah because of my beard. At University, in the Law school, I was stared and marginalised because I had a beard and a hat by Christians, Jews and athiests. In society at large I have been called all sorts of racial slurs in predominantly white areas. Muslims have been spat on and verbally abused, for being who they are. I have been tolerant, because my religion, Islam teaches me to do so. But is this tolerance on the part of the great British society? Integration or community cohesion can only occur if the society allows it to occur . And ethnocentric, egotistical and self-diluted people like the producers of the pathetic Panorama documentary do not allow for this, but in fact exasperate any tension that may exist.

Would any human being want to live in such an area where there is the above such hostility? Never. The fact remains, that ethics related to community cohesion need to be drilled on both sides, not one. And as ever, typical of the Neocon bias, Ware skirts over this issue as well. Christians and Jews can be cloistered and promote hatred of Islam, but that is okay because that is typical of British society. If a Muslim does this, then whoa, he needs to be curtailed and prominent Islamic scholars need to be smeared.


According to Ware there is a study in Bristol which declares Muslims students are more segregated then other faiths. With the above in mind, one wonders why. But this is a study. Which study is it? Who conducted it? Are there any other studies?

Just as Ware dramatically surfs the net, I too, scoured the net for this study. I could only find one such study which remotely spoke of segregation of the schools and in particular, Birmingham. I cannot directly reference it, since it requires the author’s express permission, but googling around the words “Bristol study” and Muslim student Segregation” will do the trick if the reader is interested. Nevertheless, that study spoke of the segregations based upon the population demographics being a key factor in the segregation. In relation to Muslim schools, the criteria for segregation based on faith was found to be SIMILAR if not the SAME as Christian and Jewish schools. Hmm…

There is a more explicit study on the topic of Muslims and community cohesion.

In one study, which was was commissioned over two years by the Home Office, it finds racism by whites to be a contributing factor in youth abandoning “liberal, humanistic and integrative values” :

“when as older teenagers they leave the comparatively safe environments of home, mosque and school for work, college and the social life of the town-centre, they begin to encounter at first hand and for 10 the first time white prejudice and racism. This creates a profound crisis of identity: If I can be treated this way in my own town and country, is it really possible to be British and Muslim? What does it mean to be British and Muslim?”

But clearly the white Ware isn’t going to be looking at the log in his own eye but will continue to search for the specks in the eye of others, to paraphrase Jesus. Results from this study in fact indicated that white students and their attitudes were not conducive at all to community cohesion:

“They were intolerant of people of other races, faiths and cultures; they saw little reason to study or respect other (non-Christian) faiths; they thought their own ethnic group was superior to others; and so on.”

This was the case for white students in schools which were predominantly white. The author of the study writes:

“We see here fertile soil for the views of the extreme right in British politics.”

i.e. the “breeding” of the Policy Exchange, Michael Gove and the John Ware types.

In stark contrast, “On the whole [Asians] were tolerant of people of other races, faiths and cultures; they saw every reason to study and respect other faiths; they did not think their own ethnic group was superior to others; and so on.”

But no no, Muslims want to chop hands off! They want to throw homosexuals of mountains and Jews of course “look like pigs”, or so they want us to believe.

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