Barelwis in the Crossfire 2: Islamophobic College Principal vs Shaykh Mohammed Yasin

April 3, 2011

By CoolnessofHind

UnityAs already documented in previous blogs, the tide for the Barelwis is changing and in my opinion it has already changed.

In the past, the Deobandies and Salafis have been attacked whilst Barelwis have been exonerated in order to perpetuate a chasm which would work in favour of the Islam-pacifying, Muslim-land-grabbing agenda.  The shift in policy now, which in reality is the next phase in destroying Islamic orthodoxy, demands that Islam as a whole be attacked in an open fashion by cementing medieval myths perpetuated by the Christian Europeans about Islam in the bygone era (Muslim barbarians, hand choppers, Halal meat eaters and various other GCSE failing, BNP/EDL-esque comments) and providing a solution for it – Christianity.  Hence why we are witnessing an increased Islamophobia in the general British psychological and social atmosphere which is materialising in criminal activity against the Muslim populace.

The persistence of the government and its cavalries in the media machinery and rogue groups like the EDL/BNP/Neocons et al to continuously warn the public of an architected, impending attack by violent extremist Muslims coupled with propaganda against Islam as a subversive religion has had an impact in the public sphere.  This is not new anymore.  What is relatively new is the open Islamophobia in educational institutes.

In Birmingham, Elly Torbin of Joseph Chamberlain college reversed the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” and said to Shaykh Mohammed Yasin, who was to speak at JCC for a Mawlid event:

“I’d like to make sure our students are being taught the correct teachings (of Islam). For all I know you could be a terrorist coming and teaching and preaching to my students’’.

This has resulted in protests on almost a daily basis outside the college as the students hold banners condemning Islamophobia.

Let us analyse a few key facts here.  This was a Barelwi Imam, who was to talk at a Mawlid event – hardly a hallmark of “terrorism” –  and who was questioned whether he was essentially a terrorist or not.

If the Barelwi brothers and sisters who have not yet woken up from their delusional slumber concerning Government funded organisations and their instrumental use to perpetuate an anti-Muslim agenda, this should serve as the “pro-plus” of wake-up calls; once again you have not been spared.

A message to all groups, whether they are Salafis, Deobandies or Barelwis, we are all in this together. Either brace yourself together now and deal with a bigger problem accepting the fact that differences will ALWAYS exist and defend Islam as one unit as you are being attacked now as one unit, or prepare for the mental and, slowly but surely, the emerging physical decimation of Islam and Muslims in Britain.

What needs to be done to protect our Islam, our identity?

A process of networking needs to occur between all groups and a concerted commitment to defend the Qur’an, the Messenger of AllahSall-Allahu    alayhi wa sallam, his Sunnah in all its forms, be it mental or physical, be made.  An organised method of response needs to be devised in unison, such that if an incident occurs against one group, it is reverebrated as an attack on all Muslims/Islam and all Muslims should respond in a responsible, contructive but assertive manner.

Surely, in the above there is no difference of opinion.


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