April 10, 2011

By Farooq Bayyin

After weeks of cricket it boiled down to the fiercest rivalry in cricket, Pakistan vs. India, in the world cup semi-final. For all the Pakistanis watching it left a very sour taste after watching their side drop four catches and practically throw the game away. The normal thing to do after Pakistan lose would be to discuss the possibilities of match fixing and the likes. But upon reflection something which was even more saddening and sickening was not the possibility of match fixing nor the loss itself but everything that surrounded the game.

The game and possibility of reaching the final but even more so the chance of beating India took Pakistan by storm. Media coverage showed many who had fasted on the day in order that Allah accepts their Duas (prayers) and a molvi praying in aid of the game. And just to ensure all of Pakistan got behind the team the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, declared it a government half day and flew out (accepting the invitation from the Indian PM) to India to show his support.

Many may see this as a nation uniting, realising that without the help of Allah we have nothing. But in reality this shows the plight of the Muslims where they have become de-sensitised to the suffering of the Muslims around the world. A time where Muslims worship Allah when it is convenient for them, and for materialistic needs.

Where was the unity and concern of the nation when the daughter of this Ummah and Pakistani national Aafia Siddiqui was taken unjustly? Where were those who had a concern so much so, that they fasted? Why did the PM not fly to America to demand her release? Or is he still waiting on an invitation from Obama?

Is the life of one of our Sisters less important than winning the World Cup?

In this day and age the nature of Muslims is generally of two types. The first type like to blame everyone else for the shortcomings of the Muslims. Everything is as a result of the freemason and Zionist activities, what happens in the world is inevitable and we cannot fight it. But they fail to look at themselves and think if they began to rectify themselves the mercy and help of Allah will descend. Never has Allah withheld his help or mercy from those who obeyed Allah and fulfilled the rights of Allah. Then there is the second group of people who cherish their history and the heights the Muslims of the past reached. However this is of no benefit unless we take lessons from it and act upon the examples we have.

The reality is we must look to our past and act upon the best of examples, the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). We need to be people of substance, we need to stop talking and stand united and be people of action against those who wish to eradicate Islam.

The past throws up numerous examples, but one which really puts into perspective is the example of Mu’tasim. In the Byzantine land a woman was slapped and she called out to the leader of the Muslims. Upon hearing this, the Romans began to laugh and said ‘Why you calling Mu’tasim, what is he going to send an army of black and white horses?’ When the news reached Mu’tasim he immediately dispatched an army and instructed they all go on black and white horses. An entire army, not because they attacked the Muslims, not because they attacked Islam but because they dared to unjustly hit ONE of the women in Islam.

And today we see men, women and children killed and oppressed but we do not even speak out. We do not even think to raise our hands and pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world. In an age where we cannot go out and fight we should remember the Hadith of the Prophet SAW, to the nearest meaning, ‘Dua is the weapon of a believer.’ In another Hadith it is mentioned, to the nearest meaning, ‘Dua is the purest form of worship.’ Are we to forgo the purest form of worship and not use our arsenal in an attempt to help the millions of Muslims suffering around the world?

So next time you hear about a Muslim being killed what will you do?

The least you could do is Pray…HOWAZZAT?


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