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Poem: Supplication from a Sinful Servant

June 29, 2010

Saiful Islam

Supplication from a Sinful Servant

O Lord of the heavens and the Universe
O Shortner of the paths we traverse
O Lengthener of ease with which we are comforted
O Forgiver of the Sins which I have amounted

I sit on my knees beseeching you
For my hasanaat are indeed very few

My sins stretch the heavens and beyond
Weakened I have my blessed bond

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A Poem: Tides of Time

October 16, 2009

By Saiful Islam

I wrote this over a year ago, I was pretty down on that day, mainly because of the state of affairs of the Ummah.  But the poem has a change of attitude towards the end, inspired from the following Ayah:

“So indeed with hardship there is ease, verily after hardship there is ease.”  (94:5-6)

I am not much of poet, in fact I’m far from it!  If you understand it, then you’ll know the feeling. If you don’t then, urm well you don’t…

The Tides of Time

The battle of the riches and hegemony,
Continue to rage with unabated ferocity.
Despondence and despair are the states of mind,
Sadness and anger are the emotions one finds.

We are the shards of a shattered community,
Trying to bring the pieces back into unity,
The mind behind the hands are being gashed,
Every attempt made, away it is washed…

… By those whom affirm loyalty by the tongue,
Yet the Voices of Inspiration they have strung.
Deeper into darkness the community spears,
The external parties continue to prey on their fears,

But the community will stand firm with Belief, [Insha’Allah]
In the One Who Sees all suffering and grief,
For they know that after every suffering and trial,
Exists a reward, lightening sad faces with a smile.


Ya Ahl Al-Jannah!!!

October 2, 2009

An old video presentation with translation of the classical poem by Imam Ibn Qayim al-Jawziyyah Rahimahullah.  A deeply spiritual and uplifting presentation:


Eid Mubarak!!! A Poem on a Joyous Occasion

September 20, 2009

Assalamu Alaykum and


SubhanAllah, such a beautiful feeling is reverberating throughout the Muslim community, and what’s more everyone is doing it on the same day! Masha’Allah, may Allah (SWT) increase the unity in the Ummah. Ameen.

Enjoy Eid, but don’t unshackle yourselves from Islam, which in laymens terms means, don’t go Alum Rock Road with Pakistani flags, blasting out the B-boxes in your tight t-shirts showing your non-existent guns… and sisters, please, Hayah… yes on this day as well!

A poem I knocked up… hope you enjoy it.



Saiful Islam

Its EID!!!

Its a joyous occasion people! Its EID!!!
Celebrate it! It’s part of our creed!

But don’t revert back to ignorance
After light which you attained
For what worth will be Ramdhan
If your pious actions wane?

Do eat the wonderful flavours and foods,
Till our hearts (or stomach’s!?!) contentment
But remember “whoever eats to their fill in this world
will starve on the Day of Judgment…”

Take your time out and visit your friends,
This will increase the brotherly love and peace
But do not waste time in loitering around
For Ramadhan is over and Shaytan has been released!

Love one another and enjoy your familial ties,
As this is what the Prophet
Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam maintained.
But do not forget our Ummah ,
Under oppression they are detained

And with all this said and done,
It’s that time of the year, time for some fun!
Its a joyous occassion people! Its EID!!!
Celebrate it! It’s part of our creed!