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It’s Only Sunnah Bro!!!

May 2, 2011

By Saiful Islam

ISSM Turban“It’s only Sunnah bro…!”

That is the statement often made by those who when encouraged towards a Sunnah, pull out as an excuse to justify the non-adoption of a particular act, dress code or method which was conducted by the beloved Messenger of Allah(SWT), MuhammadSall-Allahu    alayhi wa sallam.

Here is a tangible example.  Coming out of a shop, a brother wearing jeans half hanging down and a D&G t-shirt came out “bopsing” awkwardly and poorly imitating the 50 Cent et al.  It just so happened that I knew him from our younger days at school.


Standing there, I looked at his state, and thought, MashaAllah, the salam (greeting) is still there!  “Walaykum salam bro”, I said.  After the usual catching up phase of our discussion where the obligatory “hows it goin”, “you married yet” questions are asked, I shifted the conversation to his state.

“Bro your trousers are falling down”, I said laughingly.  With a smirk on his face he replied, “bro its style man, I can’t be seen with my trousers up, it’s just weird.”  Excuse me?! Was I hearing right?  I knew he was into his rap music, so I deliberately asked, “is that some rap culture style?”, to which he responded, “yeah man”.  The following conversation then ensued:

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Compassion for All Creation

January 28, 2011

Saiful Islam

ChickMessenger of AllahSall-Allahu    alayhi wa sallamwas a balanced human being, who had all the perfect qualities a man could ever possess. He took each positive quality and exemplified them to its epitome.  Be it a husband or neighbour, a general of an army or a businessman, our master MuhammadSall-Allahu    alayhi wa sallamwas exemplary in each of his duties and roles and was an all-round master.

One of his qualities was that of compassion.  The Messenger ofSall-Allahu    alayhi wa sallamhad immense compassion and mercy for not only man, but for all creation.

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Do you Love the Prophet (peace be upon him)?

July 10, 2010

By Saiful Islam

We, the Muslims, treat the Deen of Allah(SWT) like America treated the black people: second class citizens or twentieth century slaves in the words of Malcolm X. How? Let me explain.

In the dunya we aspire to achieve the greatest, earn the most, and reach the highest position in the company in which we slavishly work.  We spend effort and time, often at the sacrifice of our family to get a promotion. We will aspire to reach the peak in the dunya… if we’re not practising we’ll avoid the question about praying, about chatting up women, womanising, wining and dining. ‘It’s for the molvis’ we’ll say.

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Imam Abu Da’ud (Rahimahullah) Adhering to the Sunnah

December 15, 2009

By Umm Khadija

Today, Muslims forgo a Sunnah because it is merely “just a Sunnah”, whereas the pious scholars used to adhere to anything they knew to be a Sunnah, because it was a Sunnah.  In other words, the excuse of something being a Sunnah was the reason for pious people to act upon it.  Imam Abu Da’ud as-Sijistani (d.275 A.H.) is the famous compiler of the Sunan, one of the six most authentic books of hadith.

See how important he regarded a Sunnah, and how strong his passion was to fulfill it.

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The Unique Muslim in the West

October 9, 2009

By CoolnessofHind

In an age where “scholars” compromise there own understanding of Islam for the sake of external influences, it is sometimes important to stop and think about where one’s understanding of Islam is heading and how one fits in society.  It is important to understand the responsibility of a Muslim within the Western social contruct and one’s level of adherence to the Deen.

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