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And Then They Came For Me: Barelwis in the Crossfire

January 21, 2011

By CoolnessofHind

UnityIn a previous post concerning the paradox facing those who proclaimed the Barelwis as the “moderate” face of Islam, it was stated that it would be in the interest of the Muslims to unite, putting aside differences for the purpose of addressing a greater problem – the increasing anti-Muslim sentiment being created by the mass-media and the setting of a reformist, assimilationist agenda for Islam.  Once these sycophantic groups and their use had become obsolete, the collective group, i.e. Muslims, would then be attacked.

This is starting to happen now.  The use of the Barelwis has now subsided, since the inception phase of subverting and subduing Islam has passed.  The phase now is of open xenophobia, anti-Muslim rhetoric and bigotry in order to arouse the British public.

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