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April 10, 2011

By Farooq Bayyin

After weeks of cricket it boiled down to the fiercest rivalry in cricket, Pakistan vs. India, in the world cup semi-final. For all the Pakistanis watching it left a very sour taste after watching their side drop four catches and practically throw the game away. The normal thing to do after Pakistan lose would be to discuss the possibilities of match fixing and the likes. But upon reflection something which was even more saddening and sickening was not the possibility of match fixing nor the loss itself but everything that surrounded the game.

The game and possibility of reaching the final but even more so the chance of beating India took Pakistan by storm. Media coverage showed many who had fasted on the day in order that Allah accepts their Duas (prayers) and a molvi praying in aid of the game. And just to ensure all of Pakistan got behind the team the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, declared it a government half day and flew out (accepting the invitation from the Indian PM) to India to show his support.

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Barelwis in the Crossfire 2: Islamophobic College Principal vs Shaykh Mohammed Yasin

April 3, 2011

By CoolnessofHind

UnityAs already documented in previous blogs, the tide for the Barelwis is changing and in my opinion it has already changed.

In the past, the Deobandies and Salafis have been attacked whilst Barelwis have been exonerated in order to perpetuate a chasm which would work in favour of the Islam-pacifying, Muslim-land-grabbing agenda.  The shift in policy now, which in reality is the next phase in destroying Islamic orthodoxy, demands that Islam as a whole be attacked in an open fashion by cementing medieval myths perpetuated by the Christian Europeans about Islam in the bygone era (Muslim barbarians, hand choppers, Halal meat eaters and various other GCSE failing, BNP/EDL-esque comments) and providing a solution for it – Christianity.  Hence why we are witnessing an increased Islamophobia in the general British psychological and social atmosphere which is materialising in criminal activity against the Muslim populace.

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